Q-Train | Training and qualification, work experience and integration into the mainstream labour market for people with addiction problems


  • To provide individual support in obtaining key skills and qualifications for employment
  • To promote and consolidate motivation for work and employability
  • Career consultancy
  • Professional training and qualification in data processing, silk screen printing and metalworking
  • Social integration and skills acquisition
  • Placement into training, re-training and the labour market
  • To assist the shift away from problematic or addictive substance use towards reduced risk and on to eventually quitting the habit
  • Resource activation

Target group - identified by one or more characteristics

  • Harmful use of illegal or legal drugs
  • Use of medically prescribed substitutes
  • Repeated episodes of detention and in-patient treatment
  • Poor employment record for age of individualDebt overload
  • Illnesses resulting from addictive drug-taking

Nature and content of training and work experience

1. Assessment of the social circumstances of the participant, and of his/her state of physical and mental health (establishing the current overall situation) in respect of vocational orientation and potential for integration (A-Phase (diagnostic phase): 8 weeks) in our own screen print shop and metal workshop

  • Understanding and accepting the nature of the addiction and abandoning an attitude of denial
  • Drawing up of an individual support plan
  • Reflection on addictive behaviour and its external manifestation
  • Establishing the motivation to change
  • Clarification of motivation to work, key skills and qualifications, social skills and capacity for teamwork, overall health, self-perception and perception of others, levels of cognitive and linguistic skills

2. Facilitation and restoration of a capacity for employability, and placement within the mainstream jobs market (T-Phase (training phase): 3-6 months)

  • Professional training/qualification in the screen printing and metalworking tradesAcceptance of and commitment to operational and working structures
  • Key skills trainingA realistic appreciation of vocational and personal skills and abilities
  • Acquisition of self-management skills
  • Consolidation of progress in personal, social and health matters
  • Dealing with addictive disordersAcquisition of IT skills
  • Job application training
  • Support with job-seeking and with applications for placements and for jobs in the mainstream labour market
  • Support with the transition into the work placement phase

3. Integration into employment subject to compulsory social insurance contributions with small and medium-sized companies in the area (B-Phase (work placement phase): 12 months)

On-going support with advice during full-time or part-time work, retraining, occupational training or marginal employment.

Admission to the scheme is possible at any time. Employment locations include the screen print shop and metal workshop, as well as small and medium-sized companies within the region.

Length of scheme

A-Phase (diagnostic phase): 8 weeks | T-Phase: 3-6 months | B-Phase: 12 Months

Number of places

The number of participants is variable.

Admission to sheme

Recipients of ALG I (standard unemployment pay) and ALG II | a permanent address | a desire to change | admission is possible at any time