Q-Service | Integration Scheme + Employment Centre for Work Opportunities


  • Professional training/qualification in paper handling, data processing and lettershop
  • Social integration and skills acquisition
  • To create long-term jobs
  • To establish a supported employment and rehabilitation company
  • To promote and consolidate motivation for work and employabilityResource activation

Target group - identified by one or more characteristics

  • Impaired mental and/or physical health
  • Severe disability
  • Problems with addiction
  • Long-term unemployment
  • Life crises and breakdowns
  • Debt overload

Scheme description and methods

  • Practically-based professional training and work experience in paper handling, lettershop, copy and digital printing, personalised data processing, typesetting, finishing and binding
  • Assessment of occupational statusKey skills training
  • Job application training
  • External job placement within the AGH (work opportunities programme) framework
  • To procure employment subject to compulsory social insurance contributions for severely disabled employees

Length of scheme

Six months with an option to extend | permanent employment for severely disabled men and women | hours per week: 15 - 25

Number of places

30 participants and 5 severely disabled employees.

Admission to scheme

Recipients of ALG II (an unemployment pay entitlement for people who are not able to work more than a certain number of hours per week). Admission to the scheme is possible at any time.