Kulturwerk | A cultural scheme for jobseekers


  • Discovery and promotion of personal resources and skills
  • To gain employability skills
  • Social integrationSupport with job search
  • Development of a sense of initiative
  • Knowledge and skills acquisition in the areas of culture, handicrafts, health and sales

Target group

Men and women over 50 who are long-term unemployed and who for a variety of reasons are having difficulty entering the mainstream jobs market.

Scheme discription and methods

  • Qualifications in the area of handicraft product manufacturing and in the planning and organisation of sales and marketing strategies
  • Cultural itinerary: 20 encounters with art and culture in the "Golden City" of Pforzheim.
  • Training in data processing
  • Courses in health promotionGuidance and support with psycho-social difficulties
  • Support in the search for a training place or placement
  • Assistance with accessing further sources of support
  • For every completed hour worked a top-up allowance of €1.50 will be paid in addition to the ALG-II

Length of scheme

Length of scheme: 6 months | There is a weekly work-time commitment of between 15 and 20 hours.

Admission to sheme

Admission is by allocation via a Jobcentre placement officer at the commencement of the scheme (transfer is possible in specific cases).