BestE | A practical approach to careers guidance for girls and boys still at school


  • To promote an active approach towards career choice amongst girls and boys in the 8th class of secondary school
  • To identify personal skills and strengths and develop social skills
  • To broaden the range of individual career choices
  • To strengthen parental contribution via parents' evenings

Target group

Girls and boys at secondary technical schools, general secondary schools and special schools in Pforzheim and the administrative district of Enz.

Scheme discription and methods

Presentation of the scheme at parents' evenings and/or meetings of class teachers for the appropriate year and/or during lessons of participating classes.

A practical approach to careers guidance: girls and boys select what they feel to be the most interesting from 4 career clusters, each encompassing 3 occupations requiring formal training. Each of the three occupational areas from within the cluster chosen is then trialled in practice over a period of three days (7 worked hours daily). The purpose of the tenth day is to reflect on the experiences gained - in discussion groups, through collage work, etc. (total duration: 2 weeks). An overview of experiences from all 12 occupational tasters is then presented in class for the purpose of decision making, and to answer the question "Which is the right one for ME?".

The following occupational areas are offered at Q-PRINTS&SERVICE gGMBH:

  • Bookbinder
  • Goldsmith
  • Qualified restaurant worker
  • Chef
  • Home economist

The project is supported by

  • European Social Fund for Germany
  • Bundesinstitut für Berufsorschung
  • Employment Promotion for Pforzheim