Mission Statement

"To promote health and a sense of initiative through training, qualifications and employment"

Quality and social responsibility

Q-PRINTS&SERVICE gGmbH - QPS - is a social integration enterprise focused on the needs of business and commerce. In order to carry out its integration-focused mission, QPS operates businesses in a number of sectors, and cooperates with commercial companies within the area.

QPS clients

On the basis of its core purpose and the commissions it undertakes, QPS has different categories of client.

Its primary clients - or participants - are men and women, young people and young adults who have difficulty in achieving the requirements for entry into mainstream employment

e.g. people with:

  • drug-related problems
  • severe disabilities
  • multiple barriers to employment
  • disadvantages preventing occupational and social integration

Its secondary clients are principally the public agencies which provide care and welfare services, promote employment, and support young people, as well as companies which draw on the products and services of QPS businesses.

Training, qualification and employment opportunities closely linked to the world of business and commerce

Participants have meaningful and well-defined employment and training options available to them within the QPS businesses. The QPS businesses are well aligned with the requirements of the mainstream labour market. Thus, as part of their learning experience participants establish well-recognised values, and they participate in the production and development of marketable products and services.

Boosting employability and integration into the training and employment market is a clearly defined objective for this client group.

Systematic advice and guidance on integration

All participants can expect systematic, documented and comprehensive provision of advice and guidance to support the individual and resource-oriented promotion of their integration into social and working life.

Additional QPS products and services

Secondary clients of QPS can expect high quality in the products and services they order. QPS is committed to certified quality management systems, and to transparency with regard to raw materials used in the manufacturing process, the specification of services delivered, and production processes, and is always available for contact and discussion with its clients.

QPS - environmental balance sheet

QPS manufactures its products using environmentally compatible raw materials, and is mindful of the need for economical and sustainable use of resources in its production processes and services. All training and work experience curricula include the environment as a topic to be covered.

QPS - professionalism and staff development

A professional team, consisting of qualified staff from the sectors required, guarantees the high quality of QPS products and services. QPS provides and demands of its employees continuous professional development, and provides the appropriate resources for this.

QPS - expertise and networking

QPS cooperates on a professional and operational level with - in particular - external specialist services including addiction aid, employment promotion and healthcare agencies, debt advice and youth welfare services, and doctors. Special importance is attached to cooperation with local and regional commercial enterprises which facilitate the transition of participants into the labour market.

QPS participates in national and international partnerships and symposia.

QPS - equal opportunities

QPS accepts gender mainstreaming as a challenge for the whole organisation. For us this means systematically taking each individual situation, the priorities and needs of men and women in all areas of activity into consideration, but as part of this all strategies and schemes promote equal treatment for women. In this way gender mainstreaming is well understood to be both a process and a strategy. Besides targeted support for women in a staff development context, our understanding of gender mainstreaming also includes provision of flexible working time models. In developing new measures and schemes, the needs of both men and women are taken into account, and care is taken that participation is guaranteed for all target groups (e.g. single parents) by way of family-friendly frameworks and arrangements.

In the implementation of our services a fundamental working approach for QPS involves a culture- and ethnicity-sensitive focus on equal opportunities, which we also foster as a key element within staff development.